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Jul 26, 2007 at 03:48 AM

Relation between RFC time and Roll wait time



What is the relation between RFC time and Roll wait time?

In a diagram from E2E100 training I took recently the relationship is made out to be:

RFC+CPIC = some processing time + Roll wait time

Something like this


Roll wait-------

Roll in



In the diagram I saw it shows that roll out occurs during processing.

Assumming that the user context rolls out and then rolls in again, wouldn't "Wait" time occur when the request comes back and the dispatcher has to assign the request to a work process?

Is this wait time calculated as "Wait" time or is it calculated as "Roll wait" time?

I was forced to think about this because of a STAD record I have with high Roll wait time, but with low RFC time as well as zero GUI time. If "Wait" time when the request comes back from RFC is included in "Roll wait" then it might explain what i'm seeing.

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