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F4 Variable Help No Hierarchy Refresh

Hi everybody,

I have the following set of input ready variables in my Query:

  1. 0FISCPER (single value)
  2. COSTCENTER (hierarchy node)

Inside the input-ready Hierarchy-Node-Variable for "COSTCENTER" there is another variable for determining the correct hierarchy-version depends on the selected 0FISCPER.

The value for the hierarchy-version-variable is set in the customer-exit and will be called, everytime the 0FISCPER will be changed.

For example:

0FISCPER = 001.2017 --> Hierarchy-Version = 001

0FISCPER = 002.2017 --> Hierarchy-Version = 002

And so on...

My problem ist; In the initial variable-screen the correct Hierarchy-Version is shown in the F4 Help. If I´ll change the value for 0FISCPER, the corresponding hierarchy-version will not be updated, the old hierarchy-version is shown in the F4-Help.

After loading the Query, the correct hierarchy-version is set inside the Query-Filter. The problem only occurs inside the F4-Help.

Can anybody help me with updating the hierarchy-version inside the F4-Help after changing the value for 0FISCPER?

Thank you very much,


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