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Idoc status 64

Jul 31, 2017 at 07:34 AM


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In the Autosys job, we have a job to make all the idoc's to 64 status for Material grid creation. Over 3600 records went to 64 status and after that job another job has been run to convert the 64 to 53 or 51.

Now in this 3600 records i could see 3000 records went to 53 status and material grid got created. Now around 600 records are still in 64 status with the status text as "No filters, No conversion, No version change."

What can be the issue ? Why that job whic converted 3000 records to 53 didn't do for this 600 records. Please help me.

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Did you try to reprocess the remaining 600 IDOCs (e.g. using BD87)?

Are those then changing to status 51 or 53?

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1 Answer

Jürgen L
Jul 31, 2017 at 07:40 AM

How do you think anybody can answer this question based on such vague information "..after that job another job.."

Nobody knows the programs that are executed with those jobs and neither what was entered in their selection screens

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