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SAP Design Studio - PDF Export ignores custom CSS Class

Jul 31, 2017 at 07:09 AM


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Hello dear community,

I have a strange issue while using the pdf export function of SAP Design Studio.

Before the export I have set a custom css class for a chart with following code:


The custom CSS-Class "chartColumnsRed" means that all bars have to be shown in red.

But for some reason when I click the PDF export in the application, the export ignores my custom css-class setting and switches to default for 1 second and then changes back to my custom css class.

But when I open the PDF file it shows the chart with default setting and NOT with the custom css-class setting as I wanted.

Does somebody know this issue or can reproduce that problem?

I export to PDF with following code:


panelArray = the panels that are dynamically chosen at runtime.



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1 Answer

Vidhya V Jul 31, 2017 at 09:52 AM

Hi Vu,

This might be helpful,

SAP Note explains why this might happen; not all of the CSS is displayed in the export to the PDF

Known CSS issues:

  • CSS pseudo-elements are not supported, for example ::before, ::after. Therefore, components styled using pseudo-elements will not be exported exactly as they appear.
  • Background images may not be exported.
  • The CSS overflow property is not supported. Therefore scrollbars within the application may not be exported.

Please refer this PDF , page number - 106



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