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How to check duplication check on both category ie Organization & Person at same time?

Jul 31, 2017 at 05:32 AM


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Dear Expert,

Requirement is to check duplication check on creation of account but duplication check includes both category i.e. 1(person) OR 2(Organization)

As of now, duplication check works on single business partner category, either 2(Account) or 1 (Person) using standard action "CheckForDuplicates()"

I have already tried passing both category but always check happens on one category only :(



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1 Answer

Horst Schaude
Aug 02, 2017 at 11:24 AM

Hello Ghanshyam,

How do you call the DuplicateCheck?

. Horst

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Dear Hosrt,

First created Customer instance using CUSTOMER BO with category 1 (Individual person),then used "CheckForDuplicates" action to check duplicates.

While using action, have passed indicators "SearchForPersonsIndicator" & "SearchForOrganisationsIndicator".

I can't use BusinessPartner BO here as "CheckForDuplicate" action has not been released yet.

Expectation is to fetch duplicate records irrespective of partner category. result should contain both category records.

Please help.

//DUplicate check indicator
	var ConsumerContextBusinessPartnerTypeCode : BusinessObjectTypeCode;
	ConsumerContextBusinessPartnerTypeCode = "159";
	var ConsumerContextBusinessCharacterCode : BUSINESSPARTNER_PartyBusinessCharacterCode;
	var SearchForPersonsIndicator : Indicator;
	SearchForPersonsIndicator = true;
	var SearchForOrganisationsIndicator : Indicator;
	SearchForOrganisationsIndicator = true;
	var SearchOnlyForActiveBusinessPartnerIndicator : Indicator;
	SearchOnlyForActiveBusinessPartnerIndicator = true;

	//Check for duplicate
	newCustomer.CheckForDuplicates(ConsumerContextBusinessPartnerTypeCode, ConsumerContextBusinessCharacterCode, SearchForPersonsIndicator, SearchForOrganisationsIndicator, SearchOnlyForActiveBusinessPartnerIndicator);

//Fetch duplicate records
var dupAccounts = newCustomer.BusinessPartnerDuplicateCheck;


Hello Ghanshyam,

I've asked the BusinessPartner colleagues to look into your issue.

. Horst

Former Member

Hello Ghanshyam,

regarding the problem you describe I would need to clarify the following:

1) The target is to perform the duplicate check only within customers of type Individual customer + Corporate Account right?

If not this might be a request to PSM Release the action also on BO BusinessPartner.

2) You state that both indicators are set to true but still the search is not performed in both categories:

Can we reproduce this in a system so that I can see how the action is called?

I know that before 1708 there was a default for these indicators set to true that lead to unwanted side effects if the indicator was not specified - Now I would expect that only those Categories are considered where the corresponding indicator is set to true.

Best regards,