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SAP WebIDE CORS issue with Cloud-Based SAP Document Center

Hi Experts,

We are trying to access a 3rd Party CMIS compliant repository, through the cloud-based SAP Document Center (SDC) from SAPUI5 applications (no working example or template from SAP on this usage scenario).

We are currently facing the CORS issue each time we run our SAPUI5 from the SAP WebIDE environment and the app tries to interrogate the SDC repository for the folder / file information.

Kindly help us with a solution to this challenge; better still, help us with a working concept for this usage scenario.

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1 Answer

  • Jul 31, 2017 at 06:14 AM

    Have you configured a destination? neo-app.json?

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    • Hi,

      Exception is being thrown in the "load: function()" of the "documentlist.controller.js" within the "mcm" modules.

      Because "u = t.getConfigurationProperty("/startId")" is undefined, then "u.displayPopup()" throws the exception.

      The reference blog did not indicate what value should be set for "startId" in the call for the "factory.create({........})" function; we have searched unsuccessfully what this key represents.

      2. In the "Component.js" within the "mcm" module, we have this initialization being performed:

      c.prototype.setStartId = function(n) {

      this.setProperty("startId", n);

      this.getModel("configuration").setProperty("/startId", n)


      3. In the "session.js", the function below:

      h.prototype.adjustUrl = function c(m) {

      var l = m.indexOf("/mcm/");

      if (this.destination.path !== null)


      return this.destination.path + m.substring(l)


      else {

      return m



      always show in the debug console of chrome: 404 (Not Found) if we passed the "/mcm" as the "destinationPath" in the create function call of our view controller . The "404 (Not Found)" shows because of "....../mcm/mcm/json"........this we believe is as a result of: "return this.destination.path + m.substring(l)".

      We completely stalled right now on this project....

      Help Resolve.