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Price list in PDF format

Hi Friends,

We have a requirement to generate the Price list from our SAP in pdf format. We have two level of pricing in VK12. First condition table(606) is customer level pricing and second Condition table(607) country level pricing. Condition type is ZPR1. Business users wants to generate the price list in pdf format with certain format for country level pricing for every month for each region ( USA, ASIA Pacific and Europe).There is one catch in this requirement. There will be certain materials which will be newly created in mm02 will not be added in VK12 pricing due to certain approval issues. Those new materials which is not there yet in vk12 also needs to be printed in the PDF price list of that current month. ( User gives rough price ) . PDF Output should be as follows:

The below classification of material is maintained in material group 2 field in MM02.(Sales view)

SQ materials ( Some of the materials in this group will have BOM hence child price should be summed up to Header Materials )

Labware materials ( Same as above)

Reagents materials (Same as above )

Chips (Materials) (Same as above)

could you please share your inputs?

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  • Former Member Veselina Peykova

    Thank you Veselina for you comments.

    Every month business will be sending the pdf Price list to all customers since this is one of the critical requirement for business. Standard SAP V/LD will not be able to meet this requirement hence we need to do custom development. All our product lines are mostly BOM related materials hence it should be printed with certain pattern in the pdf output.

    I am not dumping my work to anybody that is not my intention. I am just seeking the suggestion and some of your valuable inputs based on your experience.

    After my extensive search only i have posted my query in this forum.

  • If I were in your position, I would challenge the idea of issuing the non-approved materials (for which there is no approved price) in a price list that is sent to customers.

    Additionally, I am almost sure, that users will want to have pricing on different level printed out - depending on the chosen customer. If you have only two levels- sold-to and sales organization, then it is going to be relatively easy, but with hierarchies and other criteria to determine prices, it can become tricky (you need to account for potential changes in he pricing procedure).

    My understanding is that end customers will want to see scales for pricing (if applicable) - double-check with the business how to show this in the output if this is not currently taken into account in the layout..

    Another tricky point could be currencies - some conditions could be maintained in COP, but you sell in USD with specific rates (could be per customer). Speak with the business to determine how to handle such scenario.

    So far you have not mentioned additional pricing conditions - e.g. discounts, probably the business users did not made that point clear, but a very frequently asked feature is showing discounts/surcharges in some form.

    I am not sure that I understand how the business users imagine issuing different pdfs (for all their customers on monthly or weekly basis), but producing the pricing for all materials for each customer in mass is not going to be fast, no matter how great your developer is. If possible, try steering the thoughts of business users towards an online order simulation tool.

  • Former Member Veselina Peykova

    Thank you Vaselina. I will get the complete picture by next week. If i have any doubts i will post you in this pforum

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