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Jul 25, 2007 at 08:01 AM

Problem with ObjectMessage in Message Driven Bean


Hi everyone,

I have a problem whiling developing a MDB scenario with ObjectMesssage.

Scenario description:

A client sends a MapMessage to a MDB and waits for a reply. The MDB will process this MapMessage and creates several reply objects, which implement the java Serializable interface and are saved in an ArrayList.

At the end, the MDB will put the ArrayList into the ObjectMessage (ObjectMessage.setObject()) and sends the message back to the client.

For this scenario, three DCs are created --> 1. DC for client; 2. DC for MDB; 3. DC for the "reply object". The "reply object" DC is referenced in the client DC and MDB DC by using "Used DC".

In the Compile Time, there is no error about the "reply object". I could use the "reply object" in the client DC or in the MDB DC.

In the Run Time, the MDB DC can build the reply object instances and send them in the Object message. But I got exceptions on the client side:


javax.jms.JMSException: null class

Exception was thrown while trying to load class: uwl.konplan.domino.provider.DominoItem with classloader:

Please give me some tips.

with best regards