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Jul 28, 2017 at 12:09 PM

User group Field (User Group for Authorization Checks) of users through IDM via IDM 7.2/8.0?


Hello experts

i have a big doubt , that i have to populate t User group Field (User Group for Authorization Checks) in ABAB system of users via IDM 7.2/8.0.

I'm using standard abab connector package.

i'm unable to Map attributes b/w AS ABAB and SAP IDM 7.2 for this field. I tried to use some field/attribute name like user group, usergroup, even parameter name, but no luck , i could'nt do it.

The other User group (Groups/User Group Assignments) provided by SAP (which is not relevant for authorization check) is mapped as usergroups and IDM attribute for this is MX_USER_CATEGORY.

Still could'nt find the field with values,

whenever i use to update user profile , this user group(authorization checks ), left empty

and we are manually filling out .

Kindly help out to resolve this issue !!