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Description field for billing plan date items

Jul 28, 2017 at 08:44 AM


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Dear all,

I have to add a free description field for billing plan date ítems in VA01/VA02. In table FPLT I have founded field DESCR Billing Plan Item Description which meets the requirements but I haven't been able to find any billing plan screen or interface where this field can be updated. Does anyone know how and from can this field be updated? Which are the available options to include this field in VA01/VA02?

Thanks in advance.

Ibai Revilla

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Maybe forum members will find it easier to help you if you specify the exact technical name of the field and from which table it is.

I cannot find FPLT-DESCR in my system and one can only speculate what exactly you had in mind, let alone provide hints to a possible approach...


Dear Veselina,

The technical name of the field is SDBP_ITEM_DESCR.

Thank you.


Probably I am looking at the wrong place... I still don't see such field in FPLT, I cannot find such name in DD03L either.

Where exactly do you see it?

Screenshots could help I suppose.

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Sure, here you can find a few screenshots of the field.

It does not appear in Function Group V60F - Billing plan. It is used by table FPLT, a few structures and program GOAL_SLS_CREATE_SALES_ORDER for which I haven't found any documentation and haven't been able to successfully use.

Also expand my explanation of the requirement in case it was not detailed as it should. I need to add a description field for all billing plan date ítems in the billing plan tab in VA01/VA02. Since this field seems to meet the requirements in terms of purpose, data type and lenght I would like to use it instead of creating a custom field. The problem is that this field does not appear in any of the available overviews screens for VA01/VA02 and I haven't found a way to populate it using standard functionality so I would like to know if I have any option besides changind the standard SAP screens to include this field since there is no screen exit for the billing plan tab that I know of.

gwsv8.png (47.2 kB)
1d624.png (23.3 kB)

This is embarrassing... I am probably on a different version or have different functionalities enabled, because the fields in my system for the same table are quite different.

Sorry, I cannot help you in this case... though I wish I could, because it is a challenge.


can you just switch to the attributes tab from your screenshot to verify last change and its date. I don't have that element either, also not the other fields that are shown in the screenshot of the FPLT table. What is your system? S4HANA?


There is nothing like that in ECC 6.0. As a matter of fact, this has been frequently asked on SCN and other SAP forums + brought up with SAP in the customer groups to have something like that in the billing plan. The answer so far was "not feasible". So I'm also guessing either you're not in ECC 6.0 or have some kind of add-on.

Since there are currently different versions of SAP ERP available, kindly specify yours in the original question. If not specified, most people will assume ECC 6.0.


Looks like S4/HANA with FI-RA, but I have no access to such system now to verify...

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1 Answer

Ibai Revilla Aug 07, 2017 at 08:50 AM

Yes, we are running S/4 HANA. I've checked in an ECC system and this field does not exist in table FPLT. Program GOAL_SLS_CREATE_SALES_ORDER does not exist either.

I'll try to search for new functionality in S/4 HANA in case i found any related info but I haven't had any success so far.

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Try tagging your question with a S4HANA tag in addition to the ones, which you have added. I know, there are fewer active members running S/4 productively, but this might increase your chances to reach the right audience and receive better replies.