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Jul 24, 2007 at 07:12 PM

Unit of Measurement Challenge



I have been trying to resolve the following problem for a few months now without success. Here is what I am trying to achieve in BI 7.0:

We have a Non-SAP source system (JD Edwards) from where we are extracting our inventory data into a custom InfoObject ZMaterial. In our source system we have a few UOMs that do not exist in SAP BI, e.g. (P5 = 5-Pack, P10 = 10-Pack etc.). We added these UOMs to T006, but because these UOMs do not have dimensions, we cannot set up conversion factors and conversion rules in SPRO. This leads me to my first question:

1. Is it correct that BI cannot maintain conversion factors in SPRO (T006) for units that do not have dimensions like length or weight associated? If this is not correct, please explain step by step how I can teach BI that a P5 equals 5 eaches/pieces. If it is correct, how and where would I set up the conversion logic then?

In JDE, UOM conversion happens on 2 levels: first, the system looks for a particular item number whether there is an item specific conversion rule (e.g. for item ABC a pack equals 10 pieces). If it finds one, it used it, otherwise it looks for a global (not item specific) conversion rule (e.g. a pack equals 5 pieces). If it finds such a rule, the system uses it, otherwise a conversion is not possible. And this is my next question:

2. Can BI handle the 2-level UOM conversions (on the item level and on a global level)? If so (and I have no doubt), can you please explain as verbose as possible how to set it up? I have tried this with RSUOM, but I simply could not figure it out (the documentation is not clear at all IMHO). A simple example would be very helpful.

To complicate things even more, JDE has different UOM types like a purchasing UOM, a production UOM and a primary UOM. These types are more or less just labels that define in what UOMs a department is doing its work:

For example, the purchasing department handles all shippments for item number ABC in 10-packs, so the purchasing UOM would be P10 while the factory packages item ABC in packs of 5, so the production UOM would be P5.

3. Does anyone know how to handle the requirement of having different UOM types on the item level as explained above? We added attributes to ZMaterial for each UOM type that we support which would allow a look-up of the correct UOM type for each item. Any idea how to integrate this logic in the overall UOM conversion process?

Please do not post links to older HowTo Papers or SAP help links. Trust me, I have looked at all of them and none addressed the problem in a (to me) understandable way.

I am looking forward to finally resolve the UOM mystery with your help.

Thank you!