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Exit type data slice - Not working

Hello Everyone,

We have a requirement where in based on the flags in DSO need to lock specific records at cube level using data slice.

Tried using exit type data slice but could not achieve results and going into errors.



CC1 CC2 Flag Flag2

123 321 Y 1


CC1 CC2 Flag2

321 123 2

Infocube cannot have both flags as per the design.

Could you please provide sample code and guide me in the direction in putting up the code. Your response is highly appreciated.


Praneeth. L

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  • Hi Praneeth,

    the question is not clear, e.g. the role of what you call 'Flag' and 'Flag 2'. In addition it is not clear to me why you don't use BPC Work Status. What you describe is the base use case for BPC Work Status.



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    Hi Gregor,

    Thanks for your response. Below are more details on the issue.

    We are using Embedded BPC10.1 and BPC work status is not scope.

    Business scenario:

    Template1 : Initiate Form

    CC1 CC2 Amount Flag Flag2 123 321 100 1 Y

    Once the record is saved in above template with Flag = 1.

    The record will appear in below template for Approval with Flag = 2.

    Template2 : Approval Form

    CC1 CC2 Amount Flag Flag2 123 321 100 2 Y

    Once Flag2 is set to Y in Approval Form and saved, I want to lock the record in Initiate From.

    CC1, CC2, Amount and Flag are saved in Info cube.

    CC1,CC2,Falg and Flag2 are saved in DSO.

    If Flag2 = Y and Falg = 2 for a record in DSO we need lock the record in Infocube where Flag = 1.

    Could you please suggest a way do this. We have tried using Exit class for data slice but somehow we were unable to achieve this.

    Thanks in Advance.



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