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Transaction variant field disable at MFBF

Jul 27, 2017 at 12:23 PM


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Hello All,

I have a scenario related to transaction variant of MFBF screen.

For transaction MFBF there are 2 transaction variants created:

DEFAULT_MFBF and MFBF_(hidden name)

DEFAULT_MFBF variant is having all options same as standard screen (Post with correction button enabled) MFBF_(hidden name) is having post with correction button disabled.

Some users should not have access to MFBF_(hidden name) as they should not go inside post with correction option and change any quantity or do any changes.this option should not be accessible for them at all. But the core users should have access to both variants.

I have created a Z t code and assigned only MFBF_(hidden name) to the transaction but still when i am entering into MFBF screen I can go and change the variant to DEFAULT_MFBF manually by going to path Confirmation->transaction variant->F4 help as attached screens.

I have tried the option of creating variant group and assigning users to the variant group. after that also users are able to select random variants from MFBF.

I want to disable field transaction variant itself for some users so that users wont be able to select it and default transaction variant will be MFBF_(hidden name). For the core users there wont be any restrictions. this field should be enabled. Is there any way to achieve this? Did i miss anything in variant group option or transaction variant? Is there any way to disable the field through config and assign it to auth object?



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1 Answer

blessed girl Aug 01, 2017 at 11:12 AM

Hi Everyone,

Any suggestion please!



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