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Getting Handheld devices to Work - XSLT, WebSAPConsole etc


We are trying to get the mobile handheld device working AII. We are using Intermec IP4. We are referring to the Mobile Device Integration Guide pdf document from SAP. We have got the WebSAPConsole to display the \AIN\MOBILE1 transactions, and we are able to do pick pack etc with AII.

But how do we get a mobile device to read data and communicate to SAPAII?

At the WebSAPConsole administrator in the "Web" tab, we originally had:

Displayer Filename = WebDisplayer.dll. We used an XSLT to try to activate ActiveX controls on HTML page and registered this XSLT in registry as in the pdf guide. But, we could not see any ActiveX controls loaded or activated in the HTML page on mobile device (or even on desktop browser).

Next, as per guide we used XMLDisplayer.dll in console administrator instead of WebDisplayer.dll, but we get the error: "Error: can`t initialize" on the browser. We could not find such a file as "XMLDisplayer.dll" in the WebSAPConsole server's installed directory.

How do we get the correct XMLDisplayer.dll file?

Also, the trace file loacted at c:\Program Files\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui\websapconsole\log\AII4.0\ is not having any content. How do we get a trace?

Can anyone help in getting this device working please? What steps are to be followed?

Also, can someone how someone can help us in understanding how all this works?



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    Aug 13, 2007 at 09:04 PM

    Hello SN,

    first of all: websapconsole only can display a subset of gui controls see Note 535075.

    The traces: I assume that you put the Tracelevel to 3, please remember that the user credentials for the isapi under webserver are restricted. I.e. the directory you are trying to write to is probably forbidden for IUSR_.. / IWAM_...

    Please try a directory of which you know that is writable to all e.g. c:\temp.

    Then the XMLDisplayer: There is no such thing like a correct XMLDisplayer, it is the correct one and (I checked) is delivered in the lastest SapGUI 640 patch.

    The XMLDisplayer is just a generic XSLT processor that takes the gui model generated by the backend and a XSLT translation files and produces some (mostly HTML) output.

    You already found the dependencies for WebSapConsole in the registry.


    The XMLDisplayer is relying on the following entries:

    • SapPageDisplayer XMLDisplayer.dll

    (the transformer)

    • TransformerXSL transform.xsl

    (the translation that drives the application)

    • OfflineTransformerXSL offline.xsl

    (the translation called for messaging / error e.g. "connection to R3 broken")

    Some of the handheld firms are delivering an XML translation file for Websapconsole for their product.

    If you don't have an xsl file then a good start would be to define a small xslt that matches all and generates all the nodes "as is" to the output.

    Then the base XML model is clear and you can start e.g. rebuild the websapconsole webdisplayer.dll HTML output and from that point you're free to change it to your needs as long as you stick with the fieldnames and the submitting scheme.



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