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BPC 10.1 NW Error of package in Load transactiondata from BW

Dear Experts,

I have a problem with the package in DM - Load Transaction Data from BW UI.

The problem is, when I load the data from BW all data is accepted but I get an error of the package and my default script logic does not work. So some calculation which are in my default logic script does not work.

Here ist the protokoll of my package status:

/CPMB/MODIFY: abgeschlossen in 0 Sekunden
/CPMB/INFOPROVIDER_CONVERT: abgeschlossen in 1 Sekunden
/CPMB/LOAD_IP: abgeschlossen in 2 Sekunden
/CPMB/CLEAR: abgeschlossen in 0 Sekunden


InforProvide = ZFMFIVM02
SELECTION = <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?><Selections xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd=""><Selection Type="Selection"><Attribute><ID>0COMPANY</ID><Operator>1</Operator><LowValue>G1120</LowValue><HighValue /></Attribute></Selection><Selection Type="FieldList"><FieldID>0ACCOUNT</FieldID><FieldID>0BUS_AREA</FieldID><FieldID>0CALMONTH</FieldID><FieldID>0CALMONTH2</FieldID><FieldID>0CALYEAR</FieldID><FieldID>0CHNGID</FieldID><FieldID>0CHRT_ACCTS</FieldID><FieldID>0CH_ACC_COM</FieldID><FieldID>0COMPANY</FieldID><FieldID>0COMP_CODE</FieldID><FieldID>0DOC_CURRCY</FieldID><FieldID>0FISCPER</FieldID><FieldID>0FISCPER3</FieldID><FieldID>0FISCVARNT</FieldID><FieldID>0FISCYEAR</FieldID><FieldID>0GLACCEXT</FieldID><FieldID>0GL_ACCOUNT</FieldID><FieldID>0INFOPROV</FieldID><FieldID>0LOC_CURRC2</FieldID><FieldID>0LOC_CURRCY</FieldID><FieldID>0MOVE_TYPE</FieldID><FieldID>0PCOMPANY</FieldID><FieldID>0RECORDTP</FieldID><FieldID>0REQUID</FieldID><FieldID>0TCTNODE</FieldID><FieldID>0VERSION</FieldID><FieldID>ZACCCCDE</FieldID><FieldID>ZACCOUNT</FieldID><FieldID>ZAUDITID</FieldID><FieldID>ZCONSGROU</FieldID><FieldID>ZERGSL</FieldID><FieldID>ZFMD_FRS</FieldID><FieldID>ZPZCOMPAN</FieldID></Selection></Selections>


Aufgabenname CONVERT:

Nr. 1 runden:
Anzahl Abgelehnte: 0
Anzahl Datensätze: 4398
Anzahl Übersprungene: 0
Anzahl Akzeptierte: 4398

Unterdrückte Nullwert-Datensätze: 84
Zähler Übergabe "Ersetzen und zurücksetzen": 1661
Zähler Ablehnung "Ersetzen und zurücksetzen": 0
Fehler beim Ausführen der Standardlogik ()
Element "*" nicht vorhanden
Anzahl Aggregate: 2777
Anzahl Übergebene: 1621
Anzahl Abgelehnte: 0

Modell: Consolidation; Paketstatus: ERROR

Can someone help here how to solve it and what to do to get my default logic script work?



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2 Answers

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    Jul 27, 2017 at 11:27 AM

    Sorry, but what do you mean by the following lines in default.lgf:


    "*" is not supported!

    If you want all members then:


    Please read help...

    P.S. Why do you use *XDIM_ADDMEMBERSET?????

    No reason!

    P.P.S. In general the default.lgf looks incorrect.

    Please read:

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  • Jul 27, 2017 at 07:51 AM

    First: if you use not English interface you have to translate each word!

    Second: you have to provide everything: your transformation file, conversion file, screenshots od scope selection, data samples, script logic code...

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