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Create a Queue, and transferring data from CRM to ECC through Queue

Jul 27, 2017 at 07:39 AM


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I want to do an exercise of transferring data between CRM and ECC using Queue.

Please help we with this.I didn;t find any Post regarding these. Please explain with an example

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1 Answer

Spencer Liang
Aug 01, 2017 at 02:35 AM

Since you put your question in tab CRM Sales, I bet you would like to transfer a sales order.

Basically, when you have done the correct customizing, data is replicated automatically.

Here are some points you need to know regarding your question.

1, You have matched the following Customizing settings in CRM Enterprise with the settings in the ERP system:这四项必须对应相同

  • Transaction type (SAP CRM) / sales document type (ERP).
  • Item category
  • Number range
  • Item number assignments

2, The sales transaction fulfills the following conditions:

  • It contains at least one item. Header data from business transactions is not transferred alone.
  • You have saved the transaction and it does not contain errors.
  • You have not set the distribution lock.

3, queue is automatically generated by crm middleware, you may set breakpoint in smof_find_mw_queue to get the queue name.

4, once you have done the customizing, according to note, say 889051 and 8886, scenario A should be in place.

5, when save the sales order, system will automatically replicate it to ERP, vice versa if A is used.

6, by default, quotation and contract are not replicated but can be done by some customizing. Opportunity is never replicated.

you may check following wiki for in-depth understanding

If you want to debug the whole process, check note

656823 FAQ: Tips and tricks for transfer debugging

feel free to raise question further.


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