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Can I create bins in blocked storage locations?

We have a Repair business in the same plant as our Production and both in the same building. They both use very similar components. But before SAP we had these two businesses in different plants in Oracle. Well they consolidated those plants in the SAP transition. But I need to block all the inventory in the repair side from MRP. So since we have WM already I have all the Repair stock in its own unique storage type. But obviously ST does is not used in MRP calculations. Only SLOCS. Unfortunately the repair SLOC is useable by MRP runs and we don't want this since Repair business needs their inventory segregated from MRP supply calculations. If we don't we run into the scenario where Production runs dry for the inventory in their ST but Repair has enough stock. So then a buyer wouldn't see the buy message to buy more. Then we are in crisis mode to buy more and pay expedite fees, etc.

So my idea is to move our Repair inventory into one of our blocked SLOCS. We have two. But if I do this can I specify bins like I have in the unrestricted SLOCS and then still move the stock back to consume with LP10 like we do now for the Repair stock? My worry is how to have the material transfered back from blocked to unrestricted stock to be available to Repair to fix their Customer repairs. And also can I create bins in this blocked SLOC. Please let me know if you have any advice to solve my Repair woes.

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2 Answers

  • Jul 27, 2017 at 05:27 AM

    How do block storage locations in your system? Storage locations are customizing (table T001L) and nothing more than a code and a description. So how you can block a storage location?

    And if you can't, then how is this storage location different from another storage location that it could have influence on creation of storage bins?

    And how could this prevent MRP from creating requisitions? If the stock is blocked then it can't be used, if the storage location is excluded from MRP then the stock can't be seen, the result is the same, you have to less good material for a production and hence you get requisitions.

    MRP is no case looking into WM bins. MRP runs on plant level in general.

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  • Jul 27, 2017 at 05:18 AM


    Your concept looks good. You can create bins in blocked stock type as well. You can transfer stock easily BIn to Bin transfer from Unrestricted to Block by LT10. This is allowed in standard SAP.

    Now, the big question is how you going to transfer the stock from Unrestricted to blocked with WM in picture.Sap says that whenever there is change in stock category, a Pseudo TR which is called Posting Change Notice is created with the corresponding change in IM movement type 344. With creation of PCN,you can check in LU04, subsequently you can confirm the transfer order against this PCN. Remember there will be + and - Quant formation in interim storage type of WM with special stock indicator as Q

    Please go through the link described, it would navigate you the concept of PCN

    Best regards

    Shailesh mishra

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