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Re: SAP Document Center Integration With FIORI

Hi Experts,

Problem Statement: We are currently doing a Proof Of Concept for the implementation of external Content Repository for Cloud-Based FIORI apps attachment services via the SAP Document Center. We are exploring the steps as outlined here: Integrating the Fiori Component into a UI5 Application. Note: These steps are available as PDF based developers guide.

During run time, the SAPUI5 app execution failed with the error below: Error: failed to load 'mcm/components/Factory.js' from mcm/resources/com/sap/mcm/components/Factory.js: 500 - Internal Server Error

and if we did not update the manifest.json file as suggested, the same error still cropped up (with a different path): 'XMLHttpRequest': Failed to load ''

In summary, the controller's AMD processing failed because the script was not found.

Kindly point us in the directions in other for us to be able to progress our PoC.



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  • Hi Ingo,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    We are still facing issues progressing this PoC using the guide here: Integrating the Fiori Component into a UI5 Application

    Currently, we are plagued with this error as displayed in the chrome debugger:

    This exception is triggered when the line: "box.addItem(docCenterComponent);" is being executed whilst the rendering is partially completed as shown below:

    We have tested on both Chrome and IE browsers without success.

    Kindly confirm what should be passed here: "destinationPath: "/[NAME_OF_DESTINATION]",". Is it the name of the destination or the Path as defined in the neo-app.json file?


  • Hello SAP,

    If there is anyone looking at this issue raised at all, here is what we have found out so far.

    We tried to debug the program from chrome with the following findings:

    1. Exception is being thrown in the "load: function()" of the "documentlist.controller.js" within the "mcm" modules.

    Because "u = t.getConfigurationProperty("/startId")" is undefined, then "u.displayPopup()" throws the exception.

    The reference blog did not indicate what value should be set for "startId".

    2. In the "Component.js" within the "mcm" module, we have this metadata being performed:

    c.prototype.setStartId = function(n) {

    this.setProperty("startId", n);

    this.getModel("configuration").setProperty("/startId", n)


    Do help us update the blog to reflect the the "startId" key, we have been on this PoC for well over 2 weeks.


    loadfunction.png (31.8 kB)
    componentjs.png (15.0 kB)
  • Hello Bakau,

    I am trying to achieve the same in my application. I have created a SAPUI5 application which is integrating the SAP Document center folder. I am successfully able to integrate my shared folder with my app. And it is working fine when I am doing the test locally. When I am deploying the application on cloud , it is giving me below mentioned error:

    Uncaught Error: found in negative cache: 'com/<applicationname>/controller/Main.controller.js' from undefined/com/<applicationname>/controller/Main.controller.js: Error: failed to load 'mcm/components/Factory.js' from mcm/resources/com/sap/mcm/components/Factory.js: 500 - Internal Server Error

    Help URL :

    Did you able to resolve the error ?



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