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Jul 24, 2007 at 08:38 AM

Dynamic File Name depending on the Source File name


Hi Experts,

I have the problem like, Depending on the source file name, I need to create a new directory and new file name with the same content. So for this i have done the following steps.

1.Create a mapping, Top node mapped with UDF as follows

//write your code here

DynamicConfiguration conf = (DynamicConfiguration) container



DynamicConfigurationKey key = DynamicConfigurationKey.create(



DynamicConfigurationKey key1 = DynamicConfigurationKey.create(



String source = conf.get(key);

String tar_fname =source.substring(19,21);

String tar_dirname =source.substring(14,18);

conf.put(key, tar_fname);

conf.put(key1, tar_dirname);

return " ";

2. Done the All the configuration in ID.

But I am getting the following FATAL error. Can you please suggest me what coulbd be the problem

My Error as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>

- <!-- Request Message Mapping


-" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="">





<SAP:P3>Fatal Error:</SAP:P3>

<SAP:P4 />

<SAP:AdditionalText />

<SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />

<SAP:Stack>During the application mapping com/sap/xi/tf/_MM_Target_File_determined_ a was thrown: Fatal Error:</SAP:Stack>



Please refer my other thread which help me to solve my problem partially.


Thanks in Advance,

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Warm Regards,


Thanks in Advance

Best Regards,


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