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Jul 24, 2007 at 06:58 AM

Connecting two (or more) iviews serially...Urgent help needed


Hi Experts,

I'm a newbie in VC and need help.

Scenario : I have an iview.When deployed on to the portal .I have a table,columns- chart and some more UI elements.

Now,I need that when a row in the table(referenced above) is selected(selection here means just clicking on the row) I must navigate to a new layout of UI elements like tables,charts etc in the same window.

Q : Do i have to create nested iviews


Do i need to create 2 seperate iviews and link them such that the selection(just clicking on the row) made in the table of the 1st iview serves as the input to the second iview.


A popup iview is what would meet the need best?

Plz help ASAP...

Will be really grateful to have a step-by-step procedure..

I've been through the pages but haven't been able to decide...

Plz suggest a soln experts....!

Thanks well in advance......!

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Saikumar Gunaki

Message was edited by:

Saikumar Gunaki