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Jul 31, 2017 at 08:25 AM



I have to implement badi BADI_DYN_INCI_NOTIF_MULTIPLE’ to get the IDOC details in custom alert email. can someone guide me how to get below details from badi interface

SOLUTION(50) TYPE C: the solution you're are working in
MONID(20) TYPE C: the Monitoring ID of the monitoring object
ALERTTYPE(10) TYPE C: the alert type (consisting of technical name of the monitoring object and the key figure)
ADATE(8) TYPE N: the date under which IDocs are stored in BPMon cluster table for this specific alert
ATIME(6) TYPE N: the corresponding time

COUNTER TYPE I: the counter of the key figure.

and also i am not able to debug the badi can you guide how to dubug the same i have tried with external break point but it is not working in my case