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Aug 17, 2017 at 01:09 PM

Debit Memos for AP Vendors


I am working on a project where I am recovering outstanding credits from AP vendors. During the process, a number of duplicate payments were uncovered and are the focus of being corrected within SAP. When we made a duplicate payment, it was the result of 2 separate, and identical, transactions, in which the AP vendor account and the expense account were booked twice.

When we receive a credit memo back, all is good. We can enter this into the vendor account, offsetting the vendor account and the expense. The deduction from a future payment takes care of the disbursed cash. The credit memo also allows us to track that the duplicate payment has been remedied all within the vendor account.

The question lies within receiving a check/cash back for the duplicate payment. In this instance, the expense is credited and the cash account is debited. When you go into FBL1N, you will see the duplicate payment, but will not necessarily know that the situation has been corrected.

When I think it through, it seems as though receiving cash back doesnt remedy the fact that the AP vendor was booked twice - doesnt this overstate the liabilities?

Im also wondering if there is a way to create a non payable (from future invoices) debit memo for the vendor account, so that it offsets the double booking of the vendor account and also allows tracking of the situation being remedied within the vendor account.

Thanks in advance!