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Jul 24, 2007 at 01:46 AM

Question about Report Component


Hello Y'all!

Query/Report Experts, I have this inquiry about a compnent of the Ad Hoc Query, or any other query for that matter...

Ok, so you execute a report, and what follows is, you see the report in front of you, yes? At the bottom of the analysis grid, there is this small curious little component.

I recon that this small component (It's located at the bottom left of the analysis grid.) must be used for something. It looks something like this: ( Row 1 / 591 )

Is this a page counter? What should I call this curious little component? What does it do? How does one use it?

My first thoughts are that it counts the number of rows... But then when I clicked and came across this: Row 18 / 591 on the next page. I got confused. There werent 17 rows on the previous page.

Experts, how exactly does "IT" work? How can utilize this? Help?!!!!