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Jul 23, 2007 at 08:44 PM

Can't get J2EE Library to work as described in blog


I've been trying to follow the directions in this <a href="/people/valery.silaev/blog/2005/09/14/a-bit-of-impractical-scripting-for-web-dynpro so that I can use a 3rd party jar file in my web dynpro application.

Everything is fine until Step 2 section labeled "Add used DC (External Library) to J2EE library". After adding the Public Part of my External Library as a Used DC to the J2EE Library DC and building it I don't see the jar file in the generated SDA file.

This (using jars in Web Dynpro) is something I've been trying to do for a long time. I finally opened an OSS message and they referred me to the blog above. I've tried this several times from scratch with the same result each time.

Has anyone been successful doing this with the NWDI? I am not using local DCs as described in the blog. I'm using Netweaver2004s (vers 7.0.09).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

FYI, here are the steps I went through:

- Create DC of type 'External Library'

- Add the jar file in the folder named 'libraries'

- Create two Public Parts:

1) Compile - with 'Provides an API for developing/compiling other DCs' radio button selected

2) Deploy - with 'Can be packaged into other build results (e.g. SDAs)' radio button selected

- Create a DC of type J2EE Library

- Create a Used DC and selecting the 'Deploy' Public Part from the External Library DC

- Select 'Development Component | Build' to build the J2EE Library DC

- Opened Windows Explorer and found the generated SDA file in the '*_comp\gen\default\deploy' folder

- Opened the SDA file and found only the following files in it:



3) sda-dd.xml

4) provider.xml