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Jul 28, 2017 at 08:36 PM


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Hi HCI-DS gurus,

Anyone knows how to use ABAP Query as Transformation Type?

I searched SAP Help but it only has this brief description:

"Retrieves a data set from an SAP Applications source and optionally transforms the data inside the SAP application according to the conditions that you specify. The transformed data is returned to SAP Cloud Platform Integration."

In Transformation Details, there is an option Job Name and Program Name, but I couldn't find a sample program anywhere.

Any one used it already?

Thanks very much!


Leandro Fonseca

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Former Member Jul 31, 2017 at 08:55 PM

Hi Leandro,

  • First you must need make your configuration like "Generate and Execute"
  • Run the task
  • Verify that the flat file was created in Agent machine (The name is the same the Task)

After that

  • Go toTask and rename in the "ABAP Options" the Abap program name


  • Create the ABAP program in SE38
  • Chage the configuration from "Generate and execute" to "Execute preloaded"
  • Run task again

For another environment, transport the abap program


Hector Contreras F.

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Former Member

Hi Hector

Thanks very much for your reply.

One question, though: How does the HCI consultant access the file? Our agent was installed on a Linux Server and we don't have direct access to it. How is that access usually granted?



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In my case, i have permision for the server, but i think that the BASIS team could be give you the information.

But, the flat file is in the same place, like in the next image.



Hello Hector,

I have a dataflow developed in CPI DS,and it uses ABAP Query.When executed the Dataflow,it creates <<Dataflowname_timestamp>>.aba file on the agent machine.

Could you please help with the following queries

-->Does the .aba filename has any relevance which is created on target machine?

-->Why do we need to change the "Abap program name" after the .aba file is created?Is it mandatory?

--> Does the name of the ABAP program(created by SE38) should match with the name given in ABAP options config tab?