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Jul 23, 2007 at 03:07 PM

Item Maste Data - L/U Query


Good Afternoon


I have been assigned a task to pop-up a L/U query on the BINS column of the matrix on the Inventory tab of the ItemMasterData screen. So, I need to use the

Item value from the ItemNumber field at the top of the screen.

<b>Here is my query so far which I have been unable to get to work. Note, the ITEMBIN table is a non-SAP table that was created here:</b>

Select T0.U_WhseCode AS 'Warehouse', T0.U_ItemCode AS 'Item Code', T0.U_BinLoc AS 'Bin Location', T0.U_Quantity AS 'Qty in Bin' FROM [@ITEMBIN] T0 where t0.U_ItemCode = '$[OITM.ITEMCODE]'

So, essentially this L/U needs to be on a different field, in this case the BINS column in the matrix, then the ItemNumber field.

1) I understand this is possible by referencing the table/field behind the ItemNumber field on the screen.

2) I get an Internal Error(8180) when I try to execute the L/U via Shift/F2 after

assigning it to the BINS column.

Can anyone see what may be wrong with the query? Perhaps my understanding

of how to get this type of functinality is not correct.