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Jul 23, 2007 at 02:20 PM

How to prevent a cell from receiving focus ?



I have a matrix with a column and two rows. The column is editable.

I want to prevent the user from inputting data into the cell of the first row.

I prevent access to that cell by stopping the click event,

however the user can "bypass it" if he does a rightclick on the cell, in which case

the cell receives focus and the data inside of it can be changed.

Stopping the rightclick event does not do the trick- the focus still happens.

Sadly, I can't stop the GetFocus event because it only has a "bubble=false" state.

My goal is not to allow the cell to receive focus at all.

Does anybody know a way to overcome this problem or if this is a bug ?

Currently, I am forced to also monitor the Key_Down event in order to

prevent changes to the data in the cell.