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Jul 28, 2017 at 12:10 PM

MM PO release - Need more than one class



I need the possibility to create more than one release class to be used for PO release. I have read that it is possible by coding in Function Module ME_REL_STRATEGIE_EKKO, but I cannot find the specifics of the coding. Can any of you help me here?

The reason why I need this is the following:

Today our company have PO release for a number of purchase org's. We use SAP standard to block the PO's based on the characteristics Purchase org and PO type. The release table is handled in a non-SAP system. Some PO's are released based on cost center and some on material groups. The external system is using workflow, and is changing the release status in SAP when the PO has been released.

Now we want to implement full SAP standard release for the future, and we are starting up with other purchase organisations. I have added two characteristics to the class, cost center and total value. For the new setup everything works perfect. BUT, now the "old" PO's are no longer blocked, since two of the characteristics in their case are blank. It is not an option to create material group as a characteristic too, and start maintining everything. It will be way to much data in one strategy, and the risk for errors will be too big, especially when changes happen along the way.

So, if anybody has any good input for me, it will be highly appreciated. I need to present the solution in 2 weeks.

Thanks, and best regards

Helle Lorenzen

MM Consultant