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Transfer Order creation for Return delivery on Blocked stock

Jul 28, 2017 at 09:10 AM


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I am trying to issue stock to the Vendor via return delivery against a return PO from Blocked stock. The movement in question is 161.

In Inventory management, I am able to goods issue delivery and stock gets cleared from IM correctly.

But in plants where we have warehouse, transfer order creation from blocked stock fails. Error we get when we enter in LT03 with delivery 'No stocks selected in general Inventory Management'. I understand that this is something related to stock determination group and rule but cannot figure out anything that is confgured specific to stock type.

Could someone please guide what could be the reason.



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4 Answers

Jürgen L
Jul 28, 2017 at 11:12 AM

Yes the message is related to stock determination.

check first which stock determination group you assigned to your WM application

and then check the definition of this stock determination group to know what purpose it has. This might be conflicting with your current purpose of picking for a return delivery.

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Hi Jurgen,

We have Z stock determination group and Z stock determination rule assigned to WM application. Stock determination group is assigned to material master.

The group-rule combination table T434K is set up like below:

Stock determ. group = ZXXX

Stck determation rule = ZXXX

WM processing = 3 Stock determination has priority

Qty proposal = 0

Stock determination: Online control = Blank

Stock determination: Pipeline withdrawal = Blank

Stock determination: user exit for item table = Blank


Stock determination: Special stock indicator = F

Storage location = XXXX

Priority = 5

Valuation type = X

With the above set up, I do not see any thing that is related to stock type.




In the German language is the long text for F: freie eigene Bestände

which means own stock in unrestricted use.

And just checked after loggin in into English: Unrestricted company's own stock

You don't have unrestricted use stock, your stock is blocked. Hence the stock determination can't find any stocks


Yes, correct that my stock type is blocked stock.

My question though is, with the same setting why I am able to goods issue blocked stock from IM managed locations but not able to pick and issue where we have WM.

In both the case the inventory management check should behave same.


is the stock determination group assigned to IM and movement type 161?

Android . Aug 25, 2017 at 12:16 PM


Has the stock determination group been maintained in the relevant material masters ?


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Yes, stock determination group is assigned to material master.

ARVIND SONI Aug 25, 2017 at 09:55 AM

Hi Jurgen,

in movement type 161 settings, there is no stock determination rule assigned. Stock determination group at plant level is ZXXX.

Does this mean that it is because of this that combination is not found in T434K and hence the check pass when doing 161?

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shailesh mishra Aug 28, 2017 at 02:47 PM

could you please share your 161 IM movement type screen shot assignment to WM reference mtv type?


If 999 WM reference mvt type is assigned, no WM activity will trigger

Best regards

Shailesh Mishra

161-mvt-type.png (55.6 kB)
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I would phrase this a bit different

A checkmark in V means the movement is valuated

a checkmark in Q means the movement posts quantity.

So you assign 999 in case you do not post any quantity, e.g. for value only article in Retail

Of course other columns influence this as well, like the V in the consumption column, because if the goods gets consumed then there is no need to manage inventory in a warehouse.

A checkmark in Q without a checkmark in V should be used for a material type like UNBW

For standard raw materials or finished goods you would actually need to look for a combination where both columns have a checkmark.

vq.png (250.2 kB)

Hi Shailesh,

Yes, ref movement type is 999 and so it will not post anything in WM. My question was, why does it allow picking at IM level from blocked stock but not in WM level. The error I got when entering into LT03 was ''No stocks selected in general Inventory Management'.

As discussed in previous replies on this question, we tried to look into stock determination rule and group as potential reason but could not get it confirmed.