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Partial stock posted to Q and rest to unrestricted after good receipt from production

It was found that only 25Kg of the total 500 Kg for a batch went into QI stock and 475Kg went to unrestricted after goods receipt from Production. MB51 shows that 25Kg of the particular batch is posted with stock type ‘Q’ and 475Kg with stock type ‘unrestricted’ with movement type 101.

Why is it partially posted to QI and partially to UR? Please clarify where do I have to check this?

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  • Your question was reported for a failure to search. I probably should have rejected the question but I left it go only because it's not really clear and it can be interpreted a number of ways.

    You need to add a lot more detail.

    What was the movement type that posted to Q? What inspection types are active? Was the UD completed on the 25kg before or after the 475 was posted? What are the date and times of the two postings. What is the control inspection lot setting for the 01 inspection for this material.

    Detailed questions get detailed answers.

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