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Jul 27, 2017 at 05:55 PM

Deleting Block Planning - PPDS



We've a strong incentive to turn off existing Block Planning set up on a Resource. Will not get into the details of it. From what I've seen in help documents -

1. We can change the Bucket Definition on the PPDS Bucket Capacity Tab of a Resource in APO to make it Time Continuous Capacity

2. Choose the Strategy Profile setting Ignore Block Planning on the experts tab

the above should enable us to start scheduling the resource as a Finitely Scheduled, Time Continuous resource. We should not have to worry about blowing away any old orders, nor do we have to worry about removing the CDP class assigned on the BLOCK PLANNING tab of the Resource Master.

As such SAP states that even if the Bucket Definition calls for Block Planing & if there are no Blocks defined on the Resource, the capacity data from the Time Continuous tab of the Resource takes over.

Any experience on this that indicates otherwise?