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Jul 23, 2007 at 09:23 AM

purchase value report


please tell me how to start. i want to know from which table to start for the following requirement.

please tell all the steps. starting table and end table.

Report for Purchase Details:

Input Parameters:

**Plant: - -

to -

(Multiple options)

Storage Loc - -

to -

(Multiple options)

Vendor - -

to -

(Multiple options)

**GR Date - -

to -

(Multiple options)

Material Type - -

to -

(Multiple options)

  • - Mandatory &

Sto.Loc, Material Type & Vendor – should give any one input

Output Option:

- Summary of Purchase in Rs. (Storage loc. wise)

- Summary of Purchase in Rs. (Valuation Class wise)

- Detail Report – Line item wise

Display Option:

- ALV Output

- List Output

Required Output:

GR No.

GR Date

Material code

Material description

GR Qty

GR Value

PO No. & Line item.

Vendor code

Vendor Name


Storage Loc.

Valuation class

MRP controller

Wt. of Mateial (as per GR)

Mvt. Type

Reference (DC No.)

Report Logic:

It should consider 101, 102 & 122 Mvt. made against Purchase orders(Std, FP & SC POs) and the outcome (Purchase value) will be net of these values.

Ensure only labour charges are considered for s/c receipts

Other Details:

It should take the weight of ROH (castings) from GR

Authorization to be given to all MRP, FIFO & Audit user

Report can be executed in Background also.