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Jul 23, 2007 at 08:02 AM

Cross Component Navigation Error



I'm trying to navigate back and forth from DC A View A and DC B View B, follow the "How to Navigate Inside WDP Interface Views" tutorial by Bertram.

My steps to navigate from DC A View A to DC B View B:

1. Create outbound plugs at the DC A Interface View (IVACWindowInterfaceView).

2. Create the require controller IVACWindowInterfaceView in the View A.

3. Create an event handler and action to trigger the event handler.

4. In the view A, wdThis.wdGetIVACWindowInterfaceViewController ().wdFirePlugCrossCompNavToCal();

5. In DC B interface view, create an inbound plug .

6. Create the require controller of DC B interface view at View B.

7. In DC C, add DC A and DC B as used component.

8. Embed both DC A's and DC B's interface view into the DC C. Link the DC A's outbound plug to DC B's inbound plug.

Correct me if i'm wrong. Thanks.

Error messsage: Cannot navigate from view IVACWindowInterfaceView via non-existent outbound plug CrossCompNavToCal






- julius