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Set Filtered by on Personalization Tab in Explorer will not SAVE

Jul 26, 2017 at 08:44 PM


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I have an information space that I need filtered based on a user name. I have created an information space with 2 columns 1 - User 2 - user number. I have followed the instructions from the tutorials to use this information space as my filter to my main information space. When I to into Configuration for the main information space and select the Personalization tab, I follow the instructions selecting the User facet first and then when I select the facet from the To Filter, then click on the select the facet list from the filtered by selecting the correct facet. When I click on OK to save it will not save my change. It literally gets cleared out when I hit OK and nothing saves. Is there a SAVE button somewhere I need to click before OK.

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Hi Jane - which version/SP of BI4.X are you using?


We are on BI4.1 SP5

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1 Answer

Nov 15, 2017 at 10:16 AM


When you works on Personalization tab or any others tab, when you click ok then infos are saved.

When [ok] clicked, you should redirect to Manage spaces panel (list of IS) and you have to (re)index your IS...

When you select 'User' filter, OK is still 'disable'. You have to select another filter for one facet at least. When you filter a second facet then 'OK' is still 'disable' sometimes (!). So in order to activate this 'OK' button after setting these 2 filters (User and 1 facet) you have to click on UI anywhere on this configuration panel (ex: on the row below), then [OK] button should appear 'enable'....

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