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Jul 22, 2007 at 10:53 AM

problem in custom infotype ---error mesage


Dear Freinds,

I have created custom infotype, In the custom infotype

i have 5 fields out of which two are radio button and 3 are input/ouput fields.

( i have used the time contraint 2, and i have taken is

start with hire date (1) )

For the radioi buttion i have declared as char1 and in the layout i have

changed as radio buttions.

I have one particular problem, when i created a record and without performing

any changes ( i.e if not entering any value in the fields) and if i press cancel or exit or

back then it is giving me a popup saying " Data will be lost do you still want to exit the

current screen". This shoudnt happen as iam not selecting any field .

Please let me know why this is happening. I have tested in the sand box by just

putting two field and converting in the layout as radio buttons and check the same

scenario as above iam getting the same problem .

Please this is urgent can any body tell me what is the problme