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Sales ORDER Item overall statuts "Not Relevant"


I am facing an issue regarding item categories of my sales order : i create my sales order normally and its correctly saved into my system.

Then there are some sales orders that get their overal status to the value "Not Relevant" in the items global overview of my sales order.

As i get to the item detail, the value of this status changes and becomes "Processig", when i get back to t

This obvisously unlocks my sales process to create delivery, but i still can't figure out why do I get "Not Relevant" as a status.

I have already checked the following points :

  • Sales document type customizing (no status implemented)
  • Item categories customizing (no item status)
  • I have also tried to change items completion rule to C but i found out afterward that this was related to Quotations and contracts.

Could you please help me analyzing this issue.

Many thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


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2 Answers

  • Jul 26, 2017 at 07:47 PM

    Hello - I recommend searching

    Based on this, it sounds like the item may not be relevant for billing - see this thread:

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  • Jul 27, 2017 at 04:41 AM

    Part of your explanation is missing from the question, so apologies for repeating - you create a sales order from VA01, it gets saved without any warnings and errors, nothing suspicious in SM13.

    Is VBUK-GBSTK equal to ' ' or is it something else right after document saving? What about the item statuses?

    Then you open the order in VA02 and the item status changes from ' ' to A, the header status is also recalculated, but only if you go to item details, otherwise this does not happen and you have not performed any changes to the document. Is my understanding correct?

    Out of curiosity - did you try running SDVBUK00 in simulation mode for one of these orders? If yes - what was the outcome?

    Did you observe any other changes to the sales order via RSSCD100 or to any subsequent document in ALO1?

    Are you able to isolate the case to a specific combination of document type, item category and material in a test environment or this occurs sporadically for identical orders in the same system?

    My assumption is that you are testing with newly created documents (it looks as if you did some adjustments to customizing).

    Speaking from personal experience, troubleshooting this kind of problems can be tricky without system access. If nothing else helps you figure out what is going on (and especially if you suspect non-standard logic causing problems), your best shot would be placing a breakpoint in RV_XVBUP_MAINTAIN.

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