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Sales order scheduling in Production lines.

Dear All,

I have the following issue, here in our client side they manufacture Leather jackets. Production happens through production lines here 5 production lines are available with 5 labors or work centers in each line (Ladies or labours here sitting with sewing machine) after the 5th operation the final Jacket is obtained. Now say there are two sales orders for same material. Now when i run MRP, it considers both sales order and creates planned orders starting from current date and schedules till the date when the quantity is completed,which in turn creates overload on work center. What client expects is they want either other sales order to be started next to the other order (or) they want to have the provision to schedule the other sales order parallel in another production line which ever is free (either automatic or manual). They expect flexibility and they follow MTO scenario.

Kindly help me how to map this in sap.

Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

  • Jul 27, 2017 at 02:29 PM

    with sales order item category, you have the leverage to switch off and On MRP.

    You need to do assignment of sales item category with MRP type PD and ND both. Correspondingly, you can manually switch off CP(MRP) and CN(no MRP) in sales order procurement tab. Configs are VOV4, VOV5, VOV6, VOV7, OVZI, OVZH. Please check all.

    Other solution is to run 2 sales order in different production lines with Parallel sequencing in routing and settings to be done in order type dependent parameter. Same material can be produced parallelly in different production lines.

    Please find some useful links.

    Best regards

    Shailesh Mishra

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    • Dear Mishra,

      Thanks a lot for your reply. I have another doubt, how to map the above production line concept. Though its production line its not REM,its discrete only..imagine 5 production lines as i said earlier with 10 ladies sitting in each line. Operations are constant for specific products,but production line will change based on availability of line. So only during confirmation of order they know which production line to allocate. Should i create 1 production line as work centre say PRDN-LNE and ind. capacities 5 or separate 5 production lines as work centres like PRDN-LN1.......PRDN-LN5...So that they cant trace if any defect in which production line..? Kindly suggest me how to map...