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Validating BPC transformation file through ABAP

Jul 26, 2017 at 03:03 PM


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Hi Guys,

We have an activity to validate the transformation file every day, to get missing master data in BPC dimensions with the data in BW cube. When there any missing master data in BPC, they are shown as rejected records in the transformation log.

I am now searching for an automated solution to perform this activity from the backend directly (as a job), to get the list of rejected records through an ABAP program. Please could anyone suggest me on how to approach this or if anyone could help me which ABAP program that would be triggered in the ABAP backend while we click on validate transformation file in EPM and what parameters would be required to pass, so that they give rejected records, would be very grateful.



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1 Answer

Vadim Kalinin Jul 26, 2017 at 03:08 PM

May be it's better to explain what do you want to achieve with your transformation file including samples and screenshots?

Don't think that your idea with ABAP during validation make sense...

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Hi Vadim,

Thanks for your time and your response.

So, when the GL data comes in from the ECC, there would be few new incoming GL accounts from ECC, for which the master data is missing in BPC account dimension. So, these sort of records, will be shown as rejected records while we validate the transformation file and we select the rejected records here, it provides the list of records that are missing master data in BPC dimension, indicating us to maintain those, so that they are pulled into BPC, while we load data.



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Sorry, but the standard way to load data is:

1. Load master data first in the update mode to ensure that all members in BPC are up to date.

2. Load transaction data.

You can use package link to perform both tasks in a sequence!