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Jul 21, 2007 at 08:59 AM




I don't know if this Forum is the right place for my issue. I created in KM successfully a CM Repository pointing to a Fileshare. When I want to get all children of the repository I tried the following:

// create an user object from the current user
IWDClientUser wdClientUser = WDClientUser.getCurrentUser(); sapUser = wdClientUser.getSAPUser();
//Create a EP user from the retrieved user
IUser epUser = WPUMFactory.getUserFactory().getEP5User(sapUser);
//Establish a Resource Context
IResourceContext resourceContext = new ResourceContext(epUser);
//get a resource factory
IResourceFactory resourceFactory = ResourceFactory.getInstance();
//Get a RID from the CSV File
RID file = RID.getRID(path);
//Get a Iresource for CSV File to work on
IResource resource = resourceFactory.getResource(file, resourceContext);
ICollection collection = (ICollection) resource;
IResourceList resourceList = collection.getChildren();

This code should give me all available children of a resource. The problem is, that the repository uses the permissions of the Fileshare (W2KSecurity). When a user wants to get all children, although he has no read permissions (but only for some children) for the resource, he gets an Exception. How can I get all children for which the user has the appropriate permissions?? Can someone help me out?

In the KM API I found the following method:

getChildren(Selector childrenSelector, Collator sortBy, IPropertyNameList propertyPrefill, String[] permissionNames)

I think this is the right method to use, but I was not able to implement it correctly.

Points will be awarded.

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