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Jul 21, 2007 at 04:21 AM

Multiple MailAttachment to File - How to store as multiple files ?


Hi Friends ,

Can you please tell me How to Store as Multiple files which i read as attachements from Mail Sender Adapter .

In My scenario i can able to bring the Multiple attachement in the Paylod using PaylodSwapBean .<b> I wan to store these attachements to a file system.</b> ie. Whatever attachements i am reading i have to store in a file .

For eg., In my scenario i have designed the Data Type as DT_Test--> Row --- > Details .

Details can able to hold each line of Each File . One file contains multiple Line data .

<b> If i use Message Transform Bean</b> , first attachement only getting Tranformed rest of them as it is . Not getting tranformed to required format.

Please give some suggestions !

Regards .,