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Jul 20, 2007 at 09:05 PM

BEx formatting VB



We have a couple of BEx formatting issues :

One of the issues we have is with drilling down in a structure without repeating the output. Specifically, I have a query with a structure consisting of various selections of g/l accounts, cost element groups, center groups and formulas summarizing these various accounts represented in each row of the structure. I have also added g/l account, cost elements and cost centers as a free characteristic so that I can drill down on that in order to see values on particular accounts, if needed.

The visual representation of this report is not acceptable to our client. Since there are formulas in the left column, the drilldown on accounts (in the right column) repeats all accounts on the summary level (which is natural when you think about it). However, this makes it hard for the end user to get an overview and the report output is substantial. We would rather have a drilldown in the structure itself, with totals on the highest levels, so that we do not get forced to drill down on both g/l account group level (or cost element or cost center) and summary level (summary of account groups).

Secondly, in this same structure, in some rows the drilldown detail of g/l accounts are relevant and in others the cost center or cost elements are relevant. We would like to see the appropriate relevant group for each row of the structure. Again, with a drill down on a structure, the display shows the drilldown for every row.

Appreciate you help!