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Jul 20, 2007 at 04:49 PM

Issues with Form printing using a 3rd party software!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


Hi All,

We are printing our month end AR statements using Xerox DP100 printers. We are using a SAP Script as the layout form. Everything works perfectly alright when a direct print is issued to the printer. But the scenario here is the statements are sent to a 3rd party software so that the statements can be saved in their repository and made available to be viewed and printed whenever necessary. Now the issue is when this 3rd Party Software(TPS) reads the SAP generated PCL from its report store on the unix host and generates a PDF File that it presents to the web client user for (re)printing via his/her PC it appears that the TPS or Websphere or Adobe is performing a font substituion - replacing the Univers font(used in R/3) which is not loaded on the unix host with a different font(with different sizing and/or behavior).

As a result the horizontal and vertical positioning generated by SAP(which is correct for the Univers font) is 'wrong' for the substituted font. The fixed size fields print OK but gradually move to the right. The varying size amount columns do not align correctly and fall off the right side of the page.

Can anyone give me pointers on what can be done to arrest this error.

Does the font need to be loaded on the unix host or the font used in the form be changed?