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SMP Kapsel Offline: error local DB on iOS

Jul 31, 2017 at 08:54 AM


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Hi gurus,

I have developed an hybrid app with Kapsel + SMP. It works fine on Android device but on iOS device I have some problems during syncronization process. (I used offline Template on WebIDE)

I'm not able to see local DB on device so I don't know how to solve these errors. I don't understand PRIMARY_KEY_NOT_UNIQUE because my odata contains only unique records.

Any ideas?

Thank you


SAPCLientLogger: ERROR! SQLite runs in unknown threading mode! Won't give up, but this mode is not tested!

MP_LOGGER ERROR [CONSOLE] 2017-07-28 15:35:01.401929 The following problem occurred: HTTP request failed400,,{

"error" : {

"message" : {

"lang" : "en-US",

"value" : "[-10001] An error occurred executing SQL statement: INSERT INTO LODATA_SYS_REQUEST_CHANGE(requestID, changeID, sql, type) VALUES( ?, ?, ?, ? ). Reason: -193 (PRIMARY_KEY_NOT_UNIQUE) (LODATA_SYS_REQUEST_CHANGE,3,1)."


"code" : "-10001"


} -

SMP_ODATA ERROR Request failed. [-10104] An error occurred while committing a database transaction. Reason: -194 (INVALID_FOREIGN_KEY) (REQID_FKEY,LODATA_SYS_AFFECTED_ENTITY)

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1 Answer

Naveen RV Feb 13 at 07:56 AM

Hi Patrizia,

Were you able to resolve this issue, i seem to face the same issue, i am using both the Group ID and ChangeSetID unique, and yet i get this error.



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