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Jul 20, 2007 at 02:44 PM

Workflow - Task configuration on SRM 5


Hi Guys,

I'm configuring the workflow at SRM 5, and now my scenario is that, one action is created and an email is sent to SOST, for the "auction" invitation.

Then, have other emails that should be sent when the auction started, ended, but isn't.

By the transaction OOCU, have the following tasks:

TS 14007971 - Ext. Auction Expired: Send E-mail

TS 14007972 - Ext. Auction: Send Mail, Error

TS 14007973 - Ext. Auction Successful: Send E-Mail

I'm new in Workflow, and my question is if I need make some configuration for this tasks, because they are "Background task", and don't need be identified like a "General Task".

So, any suggestion? Or isn't this what need be configured to send the emails for auction events.

Thanks in advance.

Julio Tavares