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Jul 20, 2007 at 02:43 PM

Is functionality of GOS Toolbox for IW22 code-driven or config-driven?


Inside a custom piece of code, I have duplicated the "GOS ToolBox" toolbar that SAP displays inside IW22 for attaching documents, pictures, etc. to notifications. The code to pop this toolbox isn't much:

CLASS lcl_event_receiver IMPLEMENTATION.
  METHOD on_function_selected.

      ls_lporb           TYPE sibflporb,
      ls_lpor            TYPE sibflpor,
      ls_borident        TYPE boriden

    CASE fcode.
        ls_borident-objkey = viqmel-qmnum.
        ls_borident-objtype = 'BUS2038'.

        CREATE OBJECT go_manager.

        CALL METHOD go_manager->display_toolbox
            is_object       = ls_borident
            is_bc_object    = ls_lpor
            OTHERS       = 2.


  ENDMETHOD.                    "lcl_my_event_handler

But when my toolbox pops, it does not have the same functionality as the GOS toolbox that pops under SAP control in IW22 itself.

In particular, the "create menu" in my toolbox only has "Store Business Document" active. But the "create menu" in the SAP IW22 toolbox has all of the following active:

<b>Create document

Create note

Create external document (URL)

Store business document</b>

So my questions are:

1) where is SAP IW22 getting its "model" for what's functional in the create menu?

2) do I need to set up a "customer version" of this "model" to duplicate the SAP functionality?

3) if so, is this a "config" function or is it done somewhere else ???

I've got less than 36 hours to figure this one out, so any advice would be helpful.

Thanks for considering this matter