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Jul 20, 2007 at 02:30 PM

ListDef.xml to meRepMeta.xml mapping


Hi all,

It's me again:-)) I have read all the SAP's EHG guides and almost all the available documentation, but still cannot answer myself the following question...

Some of the <list>-s defined in ListDef.xml of MAM3.0 do not have corresponding

<ParentBoInterface>, <managerName>, <managerMethod>.. so how they are mapped to SyncBOs? They only have components (e.g. techobj, order) specified, which I suppose is the component groups defined to be used by the UVM. I assume there can be some mapping to SyncBo item row's field, but there for example can be many fields with this name... Hm, enough reverse engineering, any idea appreciated, thanks in advance!

Best regards,