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Jul 20, 2007 at 02:10 PM

Migration of 4.6c and 4.7 ISRetail


I have a scenario here, Can you help me by giving some suggestion..

Migration of SAP 4.6c + SAP 4.7 (IS Retail) to one single system

First system runs in SAP 4.6C.

a) Modules Implemented in First system: - MM-WM, SD, LIS, FI

b) Server details

DBMS is being used for SAP DB2

OS is being used for the production server AIX and OS/390

OS is used for application servers? AIX and OS/390

Second system runs in SAP 4.7 IS RETAIL activated

a) Modules Implemented in Second system: - IS-Retail, RIS, FI-GL, FI-AP, FI-AR, CO-PCA, MM-Inventory Mgt

b) Server

What DBMS is being used for SAP Oracle

What OS is being used for the production server Solaris

What OS is used for application servers? Solaris

Type of Industry: - Client is the Retail Industry

Other Legacy Systems

For Point of Sale: - Horizon

For stock procurement: - Galaxy

For Inventory Management: - WCS

For Master Data Maintainace: - Siebel CMS


From Horizon to First System: - SAPXI

From Horizon to Second system: - TMS

From First System to Second system: - SAPBC


Major Business Process in First SAP…

Assume HSBC Bank business process

1) Supply Note/Cash/Cheques/Bureau from Head office to Branch Office every day (Creates SO/Dly to Branch, no billing)

2) Flexible planning of every day’s branch requirement of cash

Major Business Process in Second SAP…

1) Settlement of all cash deal with other banks

2) Reconciliation of all account


1) What is the possibility of merging this two system of SAP to one single system of SAP as 4.7 or Ecc6.0?

2) If merging is possible

a) What are all the points we should take care since both are in different platform?

b) In R/3, We call it as Customer master, Material master

In SAP4.7 IS Retail, It is Business Partner, Article master

How to take care when we go for merging?

3) Any document, How the IS retail Organizational Structure looks like?

4) Second system does not have SD component. Since the both the system has

Different company code and different chart of accounts what we need to do at the time of Merging?

I know that, I didn’t give much information about the both the system. Can you

Give me some valuable suggestion and useful links…