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Formatter not called

Jul 29, 2017 at 02:02 PM


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I have an Controller where i declare"ztest.model.formatter");

sap.ui.controller("ztest.App", {...}.

In Chrome i s that the formatter file is loaded an known.

In the associate View i have the following

<RadioButton id="DeleteYes" select="onReceiverTypeSelect"
selected="{path:'BuildingsModel>Yes', formatter:'formatter.getBoolean'}">
<customData> <core:CustomData key="Delete" value="Y"/> </customData> </RadioButton> <RadioButton id="DeleteNo" select="onReceiverTypeSelect"
selected="{path:'BuildingsModel>No', formatter:'formatter.getBoolean'}"> <customData> <core:CustomData key="Delete" value="N"/> </customData> </RadioButton> </buttons> </RadioButtonGroup>

The formatter is in both cases not executed.
Can someone give me an hint what is wrong here?



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1 Answer

Sharath M G Jul 29, 2017 at 07:23 PM

Instead of formatter:'formatter.getBoolean', use formatter:'getBoolean'.



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changed the code to :

<selected="{path:'BuildingsModel>No', formatter:'getBoolean'}">

It doesnt work. The formatter is not executed. I know its a problem of the path. Is there anywhere explained how they function and which one to use where?

I had the code running fine in the WebIde and then had to put it in an Eclipse UI5 Development Project. The UI is running but the formatter are not because in Eclipse the path is different. And everything i tried doesnt work. Any advice is welcome.