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Jul 20, 2007 at 12:16 PM

fix E-MAIL data (table ADRP or ADR6)


Hello all,

We work with a Z transaction called ZSOST (copy from SOST) which sends e-mail via internet for a user e-mail address.

The ZOST is not sending the e-mail for one specific user because the user e-mail address is not correct. We need to find where E-MAIL data was registered (the transaction) and then modify for the right address.

It was verified that ZSOST is picking up the e-mail address data from one of tables bellow:

- <b>table ADRP</b> (field NAME_LAST or field NAME_TEXT)


- <b>table ADR6</b> (field SMTP_ADDR).

I have to find out from which transaction (probably any transaction that holds master record) is being registered the e-mail address information.

I have searched but I have not gotten any success. Please, can anyone help me?

Many Thanks and Rgds,