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Jul 20, 2007 at 11:24 AM

Set Focus in a dynamic component's view element


Hi All.

I am embedding components dynamically inside my main application.

Then from my main application, i call the interface method check_data(). This interface is implemented by all components and hence, they all have this method.

Now, if there is an error, I am able to correctly show it inside my main application.

But i show it using REPORT_ERROR_MESSAGE instead of REPORT_ATTRIBUTE_ERROR_MESSAGE simply because the attribute is in the view which is embedded dynamically and hence it is not visible inside the main application.

Now, how can I set focus on this attribute? Somehow, I need to call the check_data method inside the view of the embedded components, so that they can then call the REPORT_ATTRIBUTE_ERROR_MESSAGE and set focus appropriately.

Any clues please?

Thanks in adv.